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2022: The Year of Prolog
Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Prolog


for the Prolog Day Symposium

Participation in the 2022 Year of Prolog50th Anniversary Symposium, on November 10, 2022, is without payment but we require that you register by filling this form. There will be financial support of 200 euros each for up to 20 PhD students.

We will confirm your participation in the Prolog 50 Symposium by email as soon as possible after receiving your registration.

Thank you for your interest in participating in the Prolog 50 Symposium!

The Year of Prolog and its activities, including the Alain Colmerauer Prize, are sponsored by the Association for Logic Programming, the Prolog Heritage Association, the AI Journal, Institut Carnot Cognition, and Institut Fredrik Bull, among others.