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2022: The Year of Prolog
Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Prolog

Prolog Education

(In preparation.)

The initiatives of the The Year of Prolog include a Prolog Education initiative, with a double objective:

  • introduce schoolchildren and young adults to logic, programming, sound reasoning, and AI;
  • map and provide Prolog education resources, that educators can use or adapt to teach Prolog at all levels.
This is a long-term initiative which will be continued in future years.

Two examples of courses that have been given already:

Verónica Dahl.
Workgroup Coordinators
Salvador Abreu, José Morales, Manuel Hermenegildo, David Scott Warren.
Committee Members
Bob Kowalski, David Scott Warren, Enrico Pontelli, Gopal Gupta, Jacinto Dávila, Jean Rohmer, Jose Morales, Laurent Chaudron, Manuel Hermenegildo, Michael Genesereth, Paul Tarau, Salvador Abreu, Stefania Costantini, Theresa Swift, Verónica Dahl, Yuanlin Zhang.

The Year of Prolog and its activities, including the Alain Colmerauer Prize, are sponsored by the Association for Logic Programming, the Prolog Heritage Association, the AI Journal, Institut Carnot Cognition, and Institut Fredrik Bull, among others.