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2022: The Year of Prolog
Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Prolog

The Prolog Day Symposium

November 10, 2022 ⊢ Save the date and Register Here!

This Prolog-Day Symposium will present the highlights of the Year of Prolog, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the birth of Prolog. The Symposium will include the award of the inaugural edition of the ALP Alain Colmerauer Prolog Heritage Prize (in short: the Alain Colmerauer Prize) for recent practical accomplishments that highlight the benefits of Prolog-inspired computing for the future, and presents the Prolog education initiative for introducing young people to Prolog. The Symposium will visit the past, present, and future of Prolog and explore its advantages as a language for explainable AI and for computing more generally. The day includes four sessions; the last session is devoted to the Alain Colmerauer prize. The other three sessions consist of presentations and round tables.

Welcome and ringmaster of the morning: Jean Rohmer

  • 09h00 – 09h15: Opening Addresses
  • 09h15 – 10h45: Session 1 What is Prolog and why is it important? Chair: Robert Kowalski
    • 10h45 – 11h15: Break
  • 11h15 – 12h45: Session 2 Prolog-powered applications Chairs: Laurent Gouzènes, Annie Lu, and David S. Warren
    • 12h45 – 14h15: Lunch
Welcome and ringmaster of the afternoon: Celestin Sedogbo

  • 14h15 – 14h45: Alain Colmerauer and the Prolog Adventure (film)
  • 14h45 – 15h00: On stage: Several generations of Prolog Heroes
  • 15h00 – 16h30: Session 3: Prolog Thinking and Education Chair: Veronica Dahl
    • 16h30 – 17h00: Break
    Session 4: Alain Colmerauer Prize Chair: Francesca Rossi
  • 17h00 – 18h15: Short-listed candidate presentations
  • 18h15 – 18h30: Announcement of the Prize winner and Prize ceremony
  • 18h30 – 18:35: Launching of the "Future Prolog Initiative": Robert Kowalski
  • 18h35 – 18h45: Closing Ceremony
    • 18h45 – 20h00: Cocktail
Contributors include (as of September 16th)
  • Mats Carlsson
  • Stefania Costantini
  • Veronica Dahl
  • Michael Genesereth
  • Randy Goebel
  • Laurent Gouzènes
  • Benjamin Grosof
  • Gopal Gupta
  • Manuel Hermenegildo
  • Robert Kowalski
  • Michael Leuschel
  • Jose Morales
  • Jean Rohmer
  • Francesca Rossi
  • Celestin Sedogbo
  • David Scott Warren
  • Jan Wielemaker
Registration is necessary, but free; please register here as soon as possible since space is limited. The Symposium will be broadcast online free. The language of the symposium will be English.

Hotel suggestions

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The Year of Prolog and its activities, including the Alain Colmerauer Prize, are sponsored by the Association for Logic Programming, the Prolog Heritage Association, the AI Journal, Institut Carnot Cognition, and Institut Fredrik Bull, among others.